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Lundi 24 Août 2009

Absolutely remarkable and beautiful in every respect and of the best images I have seen recently!!! I dearly love the rays of light and the mood od the image. Very well done. My supreme compliments to you Georges!!

Clayton Parsons Virginia USA


Love your images - most of them, love your eye for beauty, love your interest and interpreting art, love the colors and compositions of your photography every thing is so great but being happy all the time... this is too much and I am not even sure its legal! :o)... nonetheless, keep it up

Ruvy Amir Israël


Portrait très impressionnant Georges. Super.

Regi Olbrechts Belgium


Splendide ! Lumineux... Frais... Je la regarde durant de longues minutes mmhh !

De Bon Vincent Belgique




Georges: Incredible shot, everything works together - the light, the water, the birds and the shoreline. I do not know how you continually make such great captures, but thanks for sharing with us

LarryJ United States / Denver/CO

Photographer Consultant



Très belle prise, superbe!

Photo superbe Georges, un grand V!


Guy Dube Photographe


Montréal Québec Canada



Outstanding composition!


Gordon W Canada & USA




Lyonnaise de coeur, il fallait que je vienne à Paris pour découvrir ces magnifiques photos de Lyon qui rendent justice à cette ville (que peu de gens connaissent, ou connaissent mal : cf. le trajet des grandes vacances : la vue de l'autoroute sur Feyzin etc. ...). Merci M. Georges Noblet pour ces photos, votre vision et votre sagesse !


Audrey France


Georges ...the captions and their translations were the icing on the cake! The wit and good humor are ever-present, and his ability to make cross-language puns is nothing short of delightful (and impressive; my French is not what it should be, but I detected a few of them, and the fact that he's doing it also in English, and a few of them are completely interlocked between the two languages is just amazing.)

But not as impressive as the images themselves. I told my wife that going through the book was a bit like eating Thanksgiving dinner every night for a week...sometimes you just have to slow down and take it a one at a time...

Robert Brazile


U.S.A. Boston





What can I say to you Georges? I am basically speechless.

I just received your book today and am totally awed by it. Very nice, actually, fantastique!

I used to do graphic design besides photography, music and poetry, and the choice of layout and the very dark blue background color work very harmoniously together. Great job!

It does indeed look like a book done with a film camera. There is really nothing much digital about it. And that's why I like it so much. Non-digital feel digital.

And that's why we all enjoy Foveon and Sigma so much!

Adri Degroot


United States / Bethesda, MD


George Noblet's book arrived - I am giving it away as a gift to my mother.

First impressions are that the quality of the book is excellent. The images just pop off the page. Colors are accurate and intense. Gutters are perfectly matched. The print job is definitely first rate.

This is an excellent piece of work. I am very glad I ordered it.

I am proud to say, "Hey, I've conversed with that artist!"

It is truly a masterpiece.

Tj Hanlon

United States / Upstate New York


Government Service


Fantastic gallery, great stories! Your compositions and your eye for details are fabulous! V


Gerhard Ritsema Netherlands





Hello Mr. Georges,
We had met in 1989-90 at Pondicherry and also during the Festival of France in India at Calcutta and Mumbai where you came with us with your paintings. Now, your photographic pieces, they really take your breath away ! Wonderful ! OMG !
Regards / Satish

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